How to make $2,500/Week with NO selling & NO website

GPP now seems that it may no longer reach a positive conclusion, see below

My name is John and I am the owner and admin of the "Secure Your Future" (SYF) forum, which is a private business resource type forum and you can find out more about it below. I had produced this webpage to help other GPP members to follow through with the documentation stages, but as time has gone by then GPP don't seem to be taking the project seriously anymore, there has also been problems from copy-cat scammers and I recently made a post in the GPP thread at the SYF forum to address the situation, a screenshot of that post as follows:


To reference further information at the SYF forum.

If you would like access to the 'RRP-1 (GPP)' thread, now located in the 'Problem Programs' area at the SYF forum or to find out about RPP-9 as an alternative RPP that has a much better chance of completing successfully than GPP ever did, then you will need to join the forum as it is not publicly viewable, you will also need an invitation to join. To request the invitation then please send a blank email by clicking here (the email can have anything in the subject or message if required, but is limited to one email request per hour).

You should then automatically receive an invitation to join within the hour, if not then you'll need to use an alternative email address as it will mean that your current one is blocking emails from the server and so not suitable to use at the forum. offer free email accounts that work well or you can try turning down your spam filters and request the email again, if you do then make sure it's after an hour from the previous email request
otherwise it will not reply twice within the same hour.

I hope the above has been helpful, it's a shame that GPP has turned out this way, but it was never guaranteed and was stated on it's own website that it was always a risk just as most business ventures are, but hopefully we'll have better luck with the more serious RPP-9 that could now be weeks away now from it's final stages.

Regards ...John

"Secure Your Future" (SYF) Forum and Site Admin


How to make $2,500/Week with NO selling & NO website